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Knock Out Ballerinas - Kimberly Marie Ol

Beyond Ballet

 Kim Beyond Ballet aims to welcome a diverse audience into the intersectionalities of Kim's life in order to provide services and resources including podcasts, classes, and live events. As a listener you will hear the inspirational stories of individuals such as professional ballet dancers that have overcome barriers, let-downs, and temporary failures. As a student you will be inspired to gracefully strengthen your body, increase body awareness, and be mindful of injury prevention. During our live events you will be wecomed, educated, and inspired by phenomenal  artists & game changers.

Kim Beyond Ballet invites you to see life through a faith-based mindset. As we dive into different realms of life a common theme is discovered: a constant struggle with external and internal forces whether physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional. Through strategy, encouragement, and discipline Kim Beyond Ballet aims to offer resources that help connect various components which define our life successes as we search for "Heaven on earth". 

*Kim Beyond Ballet is currently being developed.


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Faith | Community | Prayer
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A ballerina's worst nightmare is not having her proper routines, rituals, and most importantly pointe shoes set before an important rehearsal or worse, performance. As we head into the joyous holidays, this particular retired ballerina realizes her company needs her last minute to perform on stage turning into a Nutcracker Nightmare! The ballet sketch comedy is a spoof on the Nutcracker.

Creative direction by Kimberly M. Olivier including improvisational acting and dance. Performed at Rae Studios' Holiday Showcase 2021 in San Francisco, CA.

Ballet can be funny too!
Comedy, Acting, and Ballet 

Kimberly partnered up with Ripple Effect 22, as co-executive producer for rap artist Derek Minor's It's Not a Game Tour to San Francisco (2019) in order to provide a free concert for all Youth under 21yrs. (Scroll down on event page to see here).

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