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Baby Room

Baby Registry

We have two registries since each one is limited on particular items we would love to have!

Click TARGET registry page

Click BABYLIST registry page


P.S. The list is consistently being updated!

(Who knew researching baby items would be so time-consuming!)

The Pregnancy

Due date: June 3rd. 

Name: We don't know!  Perhaps when we see him for the first time we will know.

What have you been up to since?

Kim: I've continued to dance and teach dance classes in the Bay Area. I'm also performing May 7th!

Rufus: Military Deployment half way across the globe from San Francisco.

Short Visits:

Due to the deployment we saw each other for 4 days during Rufus' surprise visit at Christmas time in San Francisco. Later in the new year we met up in Athens, Greece for an extended weekend.

What else do you need?

Prayers! That Rufus arrives in time pre-and post- delivery,  a healthy baby, and of course beautiful transition into parenthood. Also, all the practical things! Meal train, encouragement, and beyond.

Below you'll find our Baby Registries, some fun personal content, our words of gratitude for supporting us on this very new journey.

*Please do not post this on any public page or on your social media.

We hope to share the celebration while keeping it internal amongst family, friends, and loved ones.



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